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I teach language arts at home and I bounce around between topics so my kids don’t get bored doing the same activity. We use the LifePac language arts workbooks from Alpha Omega as our foundation. This way we always have something we can open and go to. But workbooks can be dry and repetitive when you do them everyday. So I like to change it up by adding my own activities now and then.

We have journals that we use for different things. My first grader chooses something to learn about (usually an animal) and she draws a picture and writes two to three sentences about what she learned. She can read and write on her own but still needs help with spelling, so she tells me what she wants to write, I write it down on a small dry erase white board, and she copies it into her writing journal. My fourth grader uses his to write short stories or keep notes that he wants to remember and come back to later. He copied down all the roman numerals in his so now he comes back to it every time he needs to refer to it for his math assignments.

I also make my own worksheets. I try to make them interesting, about something they wouldn’t generally learn about in a textbook or frame it in a fun way. The worksheet I’m sharing here is about the Kaluga Sturgeon, an ancient fish that is endangered because it is frequently caught and used for caviar. I highlight and define new vocabulary words directly in the worksheet and include a few questions about the main idea, details, and text features. Download your copy below. Enjoy!

Kaluga Sturgeon_With Questions_BookwormHomeschool




I Love Books!


I do. I really love books. I see kids walking to and from school staring at their phones, but when I was in junior high and high school, I read books as I walked to school. I read The Outsiders, The Pinballs, Go Ask Alice and anything by Dean Koontz. Now, as a parent and homeschool teacher, I love sharing new books with my kids. There are so many amazing picture books and new fiction series’ out there, but it’s important not to forget the books I grew up with. They are classics. Currently, my son is reading the Judy Blume books as well as the Magic Tree House series. We’re having so much fun talking about what we’re reading.

Outside of fiction and picture books though, we love nonfiction. In fact, most of our book purchases are nonfiction and our trips to the library are equally weighted with fiction and nonfiction. In a previous post I talked about the science books we were using. I fell in love with the Usborne Books collections and I finally did it. I signed up to be an independent consultant. I’m super excited because it gives me access to so many amazing nonfiction and fiction titles as well as activity books, dictionaries, and so much more. We will be using many of the titles to supplement our homeschool and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Are you looking for new books to add to your curriculum or need some fun new after school reading material? Check out my store and browse some of the great books. Here’s a look at some of our January specials: CustomerSpecials2015January

And here are some wonderfully illustrated titles you might be interested in:

entertaining and educating young children 100 Science experiments The World of the Microscope Dictionary of Biology


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