5 Websites with Educational Games We Love

5 Websites with Educational Games We Love

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My son likes computer games. While I don’t like him spending a ton of time on the computer, I do think there is something to be said for a game that teaches as you play. PBS Kids is a great website for games and many of them are educational, but we have found a few other websites that offer opportunities to play games while we learn. Here are a few of our favorites:

Webrangers: Hosted by the National Park Service, this website puts kids in the boots of park rangers, they get to decorate their own ranger office, they can view webcams from parks across the country, and they can play games where they decode George Washington’s secret messages, learn to tell time with tree rings, layering maps, and much more. There’s lots to choose from here so we are really enjoying it.

NASA’s Space Place: Run by NASA, this great website for kids has tons of games and activities for kids to do both on- and offline.

Mr. Nussbaum: Lots of reading and learning here with interactive activities, games, and printables. We use this site mostly for our history and social studies lessons but you’ll find science, math, and language arts here as well.

Brainzy: Brainzy is a math and reading program for preschool to first grade with lots of games, read-along stories, songs, and videos.

Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone: This is mostly historical stuff from colonial times but there are lots of links to learn more and my son enjoys the games like Treasure Trek and Mr. Jefferson’s Magical Maze.


Do you have a game lover? What sites do you use for learning games?