The Quest for Curriculum

So the search is on. I am on a mission for the next two months to pin down the products I want to use to kick off our school year in September. I say kick off because we used a significant amount of our first grade curriculum by winter break last year. Now I have […]

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Language Arts and Reading Review

We are trying a few new things for language arts here for the new year. We didn’t get a lot out of our language arts workbooks, so we are shaking it up a little. We are keeping what works, just adding a few new items to the menu. We started All About Spelling a few weeks […]

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All About Spelling

A few months ago I found a company online called All About Learning Press. I have an advanced reader and, after trying some of the basic Houghton Mifflin Language Arts Workbooks for first graders, I decided I needed something a little more engaging and challenging. While he is a great reader, he needs a little […]

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