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Thanks for visiting Bookworm Homeschool. I’m Heidi. I’m a homeschool mom to two kids, a son (9) and a daughter (6). We love to hike, go on field trips, meet friends for park days, and learn about all things history and science.

Heidi ImageIn addition to being a mom and a teacher to my kiddos, I’m also an author. I have 3 books published, one more to be released in late 2018, and one in the works. I’ve always loved writing. I started young and it just kept growing. My creative writing bug was squashed in sixth grade by a grouchy English teacher and I lost hope that I was any good. But I kept writing. I didn’t write because I was good at it. I wrote because I liked the way it felt to put words down on paper and come back to them later and remember what they meant and how they felt.  I wrote poetry constantly through junior high and high school. I think it was my survival method, I just didn’t know it yet. I never really got the “fiction addiction”. Sure, I can come up with stories about heroes and villains dueling for the magical gem encrusted sword that saves that kingdom from being swallowed by a quicksand hurricane. And I like to once in a while. But my passion is nonfiction and creative nonfiction. It’s what I love. If you want to hear more about my writing journey you can read my post,  Becoming a Writer.

Nature BookwormBookworm Homeschool started as a way for me to share our homeschool adventures, our favorite books, and cool resources that we found along the way. But it’s becoming more and more a place where I share all of that, and my love for writing. I share how I teach writing to my own kids. And I share tips and tools to teach your own kids how to write. And to love writing. And to love reading. So thank you again for visiting me here at Bookworm Homeschool. Feel free to message me with comments or feedback anytime. Or just to let me know about cool new books you’ve been reading. We read a lot around here.


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