Tide Pools

By Izzy

One of my favorite places to go is tide pools. Tide pools are lots of fun because you get to explore and find animals crawling around in the rocks. Tide pools are full of wildlife and it is beautiful to be able to stand on the rocks and look out into the ocean. Some places to go for tide pools are Shaw’s Cove Laguna Beach, Little Corona, Dana Point Marine Protected Area, Crystal Cove and Treasure Island. These places are lots of fun and you would enjoy them lots.

At tide pools you can find lots of wildlife. There are crabs hiding under the rocks and sea anemones on the tops of the rocks. Sometimes if you are lucky you might find a starfish or a little lobster. Once I went to the tide pools and the water was very low so I could see all the animals and plants that would usually be under water. 

One thing about tide pools that you have to be careful about is the moss on the rocks and the sharp sticks and rocks on the ground. You might slip and fall and that would not be fun. I also like to climb on the rocks and when I am at the very top I will look over the top and it seems like I can see the whole ocean. It sure is beautiful.

 Another thing you should do at tide pools is dress warmly but still be able to move around because if you get wet then it is normally pretty cold. You can also wear water shoes so that you don’t have to worry about stepping on rocks or anything else sharp. But remember that every time you step on a shell or rock, you could be smashing an animal and we want animals to live, so when you are at tide pools please watch your step. Also do not collect anything from the beach. And last thing, try to keep the beach cleaner than it was before so that everybody that goes there can enjoy it without stepping on trash.

Other things you can do is draw what you see or make an arts and crafts project. You could always go home and pull out a piece of paper and draw an animal that you saw there or the waves or you could work on a diorama or make a painting of the ocean. And if you are not good at drawing or painting or you need some inspiration you can always use a drawing book or watch drawing/paint videos. So there are many things you can do at or about tide pools but sometimes you just need some inspiration. I like to use artforkidshub.com for step by step instructions.

Tide pools are fun and good places to go to get outside in the fresh air and I think that everybody should go at least once to a tide pool just to enjoy it. Have fun in the water!

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One thought on “Tide Pools

  1. I’ve never been to the tide pools but your article makes me want to go check things out. This sounds like a great adventure and I love the encouragement to do a painting or some other artistic endeavor to highlight the day’s discoveries. Thanks for sharing.


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