Cooking Is Fun

By Izzy

     Cooking is a great way to use your time. It helps you learn new skills and is lots of fun. There are many ways to find recipes. Lots of people have made recipes and it is not hard to find them. I like to use cook books but you can also find them online.

For cook books I recommend the Complete Children’s Cookbook. It’s my favorite. I think that this is a very good cook book and it has some delicious recipes. I have made a strawberry cake from it. It was lots of fun to make. It tasted delicious. The book is very easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow.

    I also used Raddish Kids Kits. They come in small boxes and they are lots of fun. They bring tools for you to use and they come with recipe cards. One of my favorites is the spring green risotto. It is delicious and pretty easy to make. It is easy to read and very enjoyable to make. There are pictures to look at to help follow along. Raddish kits are lots of fun. Another program like Raddish is KidStir and they have fun recipes and kits also.

      One of the other things I did was the Girl Scouts cooking badge for Juniors. It is fun because you get to use your creativity and make your own meal. You also work on using the tools and learn lots about cooking. If you are a Girl Scout I would recommend doing it. 

       You can learn lots of things from cooking. You can learn how to use the tools, what type of foods are healthier than others and even which foods are fastest to cook and which take a long time. 

    Another fun thing I like to make is chocolate covered strawberries. These are easy to make and lots of fun. All you do is melt some chocolate chips in a bowl, add some coconut oil, and stir it around. Wash the strawberries well and then dip them in the chocolate. Finally, you put them on a piece of wax paper on a baking sheet and put them in the fridge to harden.these are very tasty and lots of fun. 

       I don’t have a favorite thing to cook because everything is fun but I do like making homemade tortillas and tacos. I think that cooking is lots of fun and everybody should try it and have a good time.


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