All Creatures Big & Small


all creatures big and small

We were invited to attend a screening of the movie All Creatures Big & Small, a new movie available exclusively on Google Play. The 80 minute animated film was entertaining, funny, and uplifting. Based on the Noah’s Ark story, two young animals get left behind as the ark is carried away by the flood and together they face the challenges of survival and finding friendship. We left the screening with smiles on our faces and we’ve even watched it again by streaming it from Google Play on our television. Here is the link: All Creatures Big & Small. It is available for free for a limited time so watch it soon!

The screening event  was at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. There is a Noah’s Ark exhibit for kids that is a must see for anyone in the LA and Orange County Area. Lots of area to explore and imagine with opportunities to climb and “feed the animals”. There are family events with crafts, and archaeological dig area, and many other exhibits to view. I’ve wanted to check the Skirball out for quite some time so I was delighted to be invited by Melissa over at Dandelion Moms.

noah's ark skirball


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