Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

summer book packs

We all look forward to summer vacation – or any vacation for that matter. But once the novelty wears off, we all hear the same thing from our kids: “I’m bored!”

My kids like activity books and I like to keep a variety of styles on hand. We have sticker books, make-your-own-paper-airplane books, wipe-clean mazes, wipe clean doodle flashcards, coloring books, and puzzle books. I keep these on a bookshelf or stacked on their desk, and when I hear the moans and groans of boredom, I bust out one they haven’t used in a while. Generally, they’re occupied for at least 30 minutes, and usually when they tire of that activity they have mustered up enough imagination to find something else to do.

As a book seller, I am fortunate to have access to so many amazing activity books. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for the “Puzzle Pack” and the “Summer Boredom Busters Pack”. Each set comes with 3 activity books and one pack of wipe-clean flashcards that can be used over and over again. The flashcards are great for on-the-go, too. I drop them in my purse or their backpack if I think there will be a period of time that they need entertainment while we’re away from home.

Stop by the Bookworm Store to get your book packs today!



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