Bicycle Safety

bicycle safety

I live in Southern California, and while lots of people choose to ride their bikes, I admit, I’m terrified to ride anywhere near a main street. Especially with my kids. Even the bike paths are clogged with traffic (fortunately not automobiles). Still, with May being National Bike Month and both of my children now being comfortable on bicycles, I feel I owe it to them to let them ride once in a while. We may cruise around our neighborhood without venturing onto the main street, but most likely we will stick to the bike path at the beach. During the early morning hours on weekdays it doesn’t seem to be as crowded so I think we will give it a try. But what are the laws about bike safety? I know they need helmets, but aside from that are there specific rules we have to abide by? Do you know the laws in your area? The laws I mention here may be different from the laws in your area, so part of your homework today is to research bicycle laws in your city or state. We’ve got readers from all over so please share your most important safety rules with us!


Bicycle Laws for California


Bicycle Safety For Kids


Questions for Conversation

Why is it important to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle?

Do you know the hand signals for left turn, right turn, and slow/stop?

What type of equipment must be on your bike if you are riding at night?


Leprechaun Day

On another note, May 13 is apparently Leprechaun Day. I thought the only day we celebrate little green elves was on St. Patrick’s Day. The origin of St. Patrick’s Day was to serve as a religious feast honoring St. Patrick, who also has a mysterious background and there are several tales about who the holiday actually celebrates. Somehow, the holiday evolved into a day to celebrate all-things-Irish, which includes leprechauns. So how did they get a whole day to themselves? That too is a mystery. After much research I was unable to find a definite origin of the holiday, which isn’t much of a surprise. Besides, I’ve had a hard time finding a leprechaun!

Questions for Conversation

Do you think leprechauns are real?

Why do you think we should celebrate leprechauns with their own day?

What are some fun stories you’ve heard about leprechauns?

If you could build a leprechaun trap, what would you make it out of?






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