Wild About Birds!

wild about birds

Birds are pretty amazing creatures if you think about it. Tiny hummingbirds buzz around looking for nectar reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour. During dives, they can hit 60 miles per hour. They can fly backwards and even upside down. We like to watch them as they zip around our yard.

Passenger pigeons were once the most abundant bird in America. There are accounts of people hearing what they thought to be thunder, only to find themselves instead in the path of thousands of passenger pigeons as they soared overhead. As America grew and people searched for food and commerce, the passenger pigeon became a hot commodity. Eventually, settlers poisoned and hunted the birds to near extinction. The last passenger pigeon died in captivity in 1914. Read an exceptional article about the passenger pigeons here.

Can you identify the birds outside your window? I can’t identify most of them, but we are planning a bird watching hike with some friends at the San Joaquin Marsh and the Sea & Sage Audubon. I love the trails there, and you can spot over 200 bird species. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two about identifying birds. What are your favorite spots for bird watching?


Questions for Conversation

Can you think of any other birds that are extinct? Endangered?

What do you think poses the biggest threat to birds today?

How can you help protect birds?


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