Getting Creative: Writing Prompts for Kids

Writing Prompts

My son needs practice with his penmanship, and he typically finds long writing assignments frustrating. I’m not sure if his being left-handed has anything to do with it, but I usually give writing assignments in small increments so that he doesn’t get overwhelmed. I’ve also noticed that offering a drawing activity as a follow-up (or even as a lead-in) helps him ease into it.

I have created several writing prompts this year for him. The creative aspect is more enticing to him, as I’m sure it is to most kids – write your own story or write a book report? I was a different kind of child and would have chosen the book report but most of my peers would have selected story-writing every time.

Here are a few of the creative writing prompts I’ve made. Each writing page is followed by a page with space to draw a picture from the story, and each prompt has a keyword box with words that should be creatively included somewhere in the writing. Feel free to share your stories with us!

A Cowboy Story

A Superhero Story

An Undersea Adventure

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Need more writing inspiration? Here are some great books to add to your collection:

Write Your Own Story Book   I Love Words

Write & Draw Your Own Comics   Illustrated Dictionary

Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.


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