7 Facts About Wind

7 facts about wind

We’re talking about weather in school right now and one of the things we’ll be spending some time on is wind. Just for fun, I put together a quick-fact sheet for my son so he can see different wind-related weather and how the storms are measured or categorized. Here’s the fact sheet in case you want to use it in your own studies: 7 Facts About Wind

In addition to our reading that I discussed in my previous post Wonderful Weather, I picked up the book Up in the Air by Wendy Madgwick from the library. It includes many wind and weather-related experiments to explore air and wind with balloons, bubbles, blocks and more. We’ll be learning about air pressure, compressed air, lift, and warm air versus cold air. Most of the experiments are easy, and require only a few materials. I’m excited to incorporate the activities into our week.

Finally, the website Weather Wiz Kids has a ton of great information, as well as links to lesson plans and other experiments you can do. From the home page, click on wind on the side bar and scroll to the bottom of the wind page to learn how to make a barometer, anemometer, windsock, pinwheel and other windy activities.

Here are some other fun books about weather that you might like:

Weather and Climate  Weather


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