Wonderful Weather

wonderful weather

We just started our science unit about weather. I love learning about weather so I’m looking forward to this unit. Our Science Fusion program only dedicates 3 or 4 lessons to the topic though, so I’m using a few additional materials to go along with our learning. To kick off the unit, we used a science experiment from our Magic School Bus Slime & Polymer Lab to make snow. Always a fun start, right?

When I went to craft store the other day to pick up supplies for making soap (for our study of colonial days) I found this super cool weather station for only $9.99. I was worried that it was going to be cheap, but I got it anyway, and I am pleasantly surprised. Once you assemble it, you can screw it onto a soda bottle, and you can screw it right off if you need to change bottles or want to try to use it without a bottle. It has a thermometer, an anemometer, a wind vane, and a compass, and it took a hit from the soccer ball today and remains in tact. We drew a table in our science notebook and are recording our weather observations daily. Inside the included manual it also offers a few different suggestions for studies and experiments.

weather station

weather station

science notebook


We’ll also be using our weather book from Scholastic. It has a lot of weird and wild weather inside, plus it comes with online bonus content which my son loves.

scholastic weather

What kind of activities do you do for your weather studies?



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