Learning Behind My Back

Sometimes it is easy to forget that kids are always learning. We don’t always have to spell it out for them or write it on a white board. We got these super cute story cubes for Christmas so we decided to use them for creative writing on Monday when we got back to work. Have you used these or something like them? We love them and would love more ideas like this!

story cubes

Anyway, my son finished his story and, as we were going over it together talking about apostrophes and spelling, I noticed his fine use of quotation marks. He learned this very briefly at the beginning of the year in one of our workbooks, but I haven’t really addressed it again yet. I told him how much I liked his use of quotation marks and this was his reply: “I noticed in my book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing that every time someone said something those marks were around what they said, so I figured that’s what I should do too.” He’s six, so I think it’s pretty cool. Have your kids shared learning moments like this with you? I’d love to hear some!

Man Who Hunts Woolly Mammoths


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